Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Adventure

Hey there friends and family!  I know it has been hard to keep up with my life these last few years- Florida, Arkansas, Texas, and now Missouri! I will be here at the Kanakuk Institute (KI, located at K-Kauai, aka “the Island”) in Branson until April 13th, studying God’s Holy Word! That thought and recent reality thrills me. Every single thing we have done since the day we got here has been full on intentionality.  The first week was packed with purpose...writing a vision/mission statement for our lives at the cemetery (sounds creepy but it was amazing), discussing absolute truth, character, integrity, and community, serving the families and churches in Joplin where the massive tornado took 150+ lives on May 22nd, and getting to know the other 70 students in the class.  
God has been so faithful to answer prayers and bless me in abundance. I am in a wonderful small group (the KI President’s wife, Karen Chancey), have a wonderful group of girls who I live with, have such a fun job of babysitting one of the full time KI staff’s children for my campus job, have an accountability partner that I meet with weekly, am interning at FBC Branson with the youth group (get to lead a small group of10th grade girls), get to help lead worship every Monday morning, just got a job yesterday at Coldwater Creek, and get to sit under Godly leaders such as Todd Wagner, Bob Cornuke, Gary Smalley, and many others every day! WOW! Talk about an adventure! Please pray for me as I seek the Lord daily, strive to bring Him glory in all I do and lead others to do the same. 
Seven years ago this month was the anniversary of the car accident that changed my life.  God is Healer, I celebrate His miracle in my life and am so thankful to Him and my family for seeing me through.  He is and always will be good and uses every hardship for His glory. “Life is Goode,” only because GOD is GOOD. I want to be a Godly wife and mother one day and although that is in my paragraph long life purpose statement, summarized it will be something like this: Know & love God, serve & love others. 

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