Monday, October 10, 2011

Belief Statements/ Lifelines

Throughout my time at the KI, I will be digging into the Word and writing belief statements (assignments done by myself on a topic/doctrine) and/or lifelines (done with a small group in class each Monday).  I wanted to post them to share what we're going through and what THE WORD says about each of these. It's been so amazing to look up truth and state it in a paragraph.  Each claim is backed up with Scripture.  Here we go...

Conflict Resolution (belief statement)

Christ desires for us to live at peace with everyone;1 however, because of sin,2 conflicts
arise among believers,3 which should be addressed quickly.4 Before we approach
someone we should seek the Lord in prayer,5 examine our own hearts for sin,6 and assume
the best.7 To confront your brother, privately show him his fault.8 If your brother is
wiling to resolve the conflict, you have won him over.9 If he is unrepentant, take two or
three believers with you to confront him.10 If he is still unrepentant, tell it to the church.11
If he still refuses to repent, he should be treated as an unbeliever.12 As Christians, we are
called to pray for this individual13 and encourage him back to the faith.14 This process
should be done in humility and gentleness,15 to keep the unity of the Spirit,16 and to
become more like Christ.17

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How far is too far? (lifeline)
It is God’s will for us to be able to control our body in a way that honors Him.1 Living our lives according to the desires of our flesh will ultimately lead to death. 2 But by protecting our mind, 3 our heart, 4 and our actions5 we will live a life of freedom in Christ. The lust of our flesh is not from the Father but it is from the world6 and separates us from God. 7 The Lord will provide a way out from our temptation8 if we look to Him for guidance. God created sex for a man and a woman in marriage, 9 so we exhibit self-control by fleeing from any situation that could cause us to fall short of God’s desire for our purity10 or that may cause someone else to sin. 11 Our body is not our own, it belongs to God, so it is our duty to glorify to Lord with our body. 12

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Truth/Character/Integrity/Honesty (lifeline)
God has called us to a life of sanctification and holiness.[1]  In a life surrendered to Christ, we desire to please God through our actions and speech.[2]  As a guide, we look to Christ’s example and His Word of truth.[3]  We are to keep our commitments[4] and speak the truth in love.[5] Those who walk in integrity, walk securely.[6] 

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