Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Bible Overview

The two weeks previous to this one, we went through the overview of the Bible. It was so cool to see again (I took a class at OBU called “Survey of the Bible) the wholeness of the Bible, how it all completely and perfectly goes together.  No, it’s not all chronological, but we got to see it all pieced together like a finished puzzle.  We had a huge timeline of the Bible from Creation to Revelations.  It’s all about Jesus: the Old Testament anticipates Him, the Gospels manifest Him, Acts proclaim Him, the Epistles (letters) explain Him, and Revelations consummate Him (brings to completion).  Karen Chancy taught the Bible from beginning to end the first week and kept us on the “highway,” she built a strong Biblical skeleton for us.  The next week, Mitch Maher came and put some meat on the skeleton.  If you look at the Bible and aren’t sure how it all fits together, I highly encourage you to read Mitch Maher’s book, “Clarifying the Bible” and Max Anders “Understanding the Bible in 30 days.”  They are incredibly helpful to understanding the Bible from beginning to end and you can start placing each puzzle into it’s correct place.  

To see God's grace from Genesis to Revelations is so humbling.  In Genesis 3, sin enters the world.  Just 3 chapters into the Bible, Christ is prophesied about ("And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; HE will crush your head and you will strike HIS heel").  Also in Gen 3, God clothes Adam and Eve in animal skins.  It's the first atonement for sins...blood was shed.  Oh what a sacrifice Christ was, the final atonement for man's sin.  Praise the LORD! 

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